The restoration of Nicola Pisano's Pulpit

26 June 2017

The restoration programme is being implemented by the Florence-based Opificio delle Pietre Dure under the skilled direction of a scholarly advisory board comprising Professor Max Seidel, emeritus director of the Kunsthistorisches Insitut of Florence, Professor Roberto Bartalini, a lecturer at Siena University's Department of Historical Sciences and Cultural Heritage, Professor Alessandro Bagnoli, an official with the Directorate General for Archaeology, Fine Arts and the Landscape of the Provinces of Siena, Grosseto and Arezzo, and Dr. Maria Cristina Improta, the director of the Opificio's Stonework Restoration Department.

The temporary restoration laboratory erected around Nicola Pisano's pulpit has been designed to offer visitors, scholars and school groups a "live" view of the work being done by the skilled restorers engaged in rebalancing its patinas. The restorers will also be performing a series of tests in the quest for further information on the pulpit's conception, on the materials used in its construction and on those materials' stratification down the ages in order to allow them to produce a virtual 3D reconstruction of the monument as originally designed by Nicola.

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