The Cathedral of Siena discovers its magnificent floor

5 August 2019

A path from the top of the Cathedral and from the Facciatone of the New Cathedral up to the marble inlays. From the Museum of the Opera, with the ascent to the CITY OF HEAVEN, from the high wall it will be possible not only to read the most significant Sienese monuments, but also "to see a new heaven and a new earth" (Revelation 21,1). Through the rise to the GATE OF HEAVEN the visitors seem to move along the ladder that appeared in a dream to Jacob, whose top reached to the sky and the angels of God ascended and descended it (Genesis 28,10-22). "In the dazzling radiance of its marbles and bricks" (Mario Luzi), THE GATE OF HEAVEN and THE CITY OF HEAVEN are reflected in the Duomo’s floor to weld together in a single glance.

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