8 May - 8 September 2019 - La Città del Cielo

26 April 2019

This huge and high wall that, in the Sienese's intent, was supposed to be the façade of a New Cathedral, an architectural dream, looks at the whole city. From the top, it will be possible to recognize the most significant "places" of the City, the one originated from the "Good Government", with the invitation, once descended, to stop in the same spaces in which the Siene community recognizes itself, and live it intensely. The Facciatone, with its mighty foundations and its slight altitudes, ridge "in the dazzling radiance of its Marbles and bricks" (Mario Luzi), is the space in which Siena welds the City of Earth and the Celestial City in a single glance.

Introduction to the City from the Panorama of Facciatone.
Every day from 10 am to 7 pm
Special openings from 8 am to 10 am by reservation only

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