Museo dell'Opera – Siena. Dipinti
text by Barbara Tavolari
Silvana Editoriale
Cinisello Balsamo

The Museo dell'Opera, established in 1869, is housed in the first three bays of the northern aisle of what was supposed to become the city's "New Cathedral". It is home to a series of absolute masterpieces of Tuscan painting stretching from the 13th and 14th century Primitives right up to the masters of the 17th century, but its core, its most valuable possession, consists without any doubt in the splendid Maestà and the superb stained-glass window, both from the Cathedral, made by Duccio di Buoninsegna between 1290 and 1311.

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2006-2008, Anno X Numero 10, Anno XI Numero 11, Anno XII Numero 12
Sacro e profano nel Duomo di Siena - Interpreting church art
edited and with an introduction by MARIO LORENZONI
Quaderni dell'Opera
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Le campane di Siena nella storia della città, with an essay by Mino Marchetti
Sauro Cantini, Introduction by Italo Moretti
Edizioni Cantagalli
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Studi interdisciplinari sul Pavimento del Duomo di Siena. Iconografia, stile, indagini scientifiche
edited by Marilena Caciorgna, Roberto Guerrini and Mario Lorenzoni
Edizioni Cantagalli
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Il concilio di Pavia  Siena 2004
Il Concilio di Pavia-Siena 1423-1424. Verso la crisi del conciliarismo
Walter Brandmüller, translation by Michele Barbieri
Edizioni Cantagalli
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