All the information you could possibly need to organise your tour of Siena's monumental Cathedral complex: find out the opening hours of the various monuments and sites, purchase tickets, book guided tours and discover all the latest information on the complex and on the services provided.

Save 50% on individual admission prices by purchasing a single ticket.

The Opa Si Pass tour takes roughly two hours; the pass is valid for three days from date of purchase.

For information and reservations:
+39 0577 286300

The Monumental Complex

The single large monumental complex comprises the Cathedral, the Piccolomini Library, the Gate of Heaven, the Baptistry, the Crypt, the Museo dell'Opera, the Panorama from the Unfinished Façade, the Oratory of St. Bernardino and the Costone Gardens

Museum complex sites:

1. Cathedral
2. Piccolomini Library
3. Gate of Heaven
4. Baptistry
5. Crypt
6. Museum
7. Panorama and Unfinished Façade

Tickets & Passes

The Opera della Metropolitana di Siena, a not-for-profit organisation, devotes all profits from the sale of tickets exclusively to the conservation and restoration of the artistic and musem complex of Siena Cathedral.
(Gate of Heaven tour not included)

Save 50% on individual admission prices by purchasing a single ticket.

The "Opa Si" Pass lets you into the Cathedral, one of the finest cathedrals in the whole of Christendom and a treasure chest containing art treasures by such masters as Nicola Pisano, Michelangelo, Donatello and Bernini. You will also be able to admire the Piccolomini Library frescoed by Pinturicchio and the cathedral's outstanding marble-inlay floor.

The "Opa Si" Pass also allows you to visit the Baptistry of San Giovanni to admire the splendid Baptismal Font, one of the greatest monuments of Renaissance sculpture, and to explore the Crypt where you can admire a grandiose cycle of frescoes dating as far back as the 13th

You also enjoy free access to the Museo dell'Opera to admire some of the "must-see" treasures of Italian art, including Duccio di Buoninsegna's Maestà, and wind up your visit by clambering up onto the panoramic terrace atop the Unfinished Façade of the New Cathedral, where you can enjoy the most mesmerising and unforgettable view of the city and the Tuscan countryside.

The "Opa Si" Pass is valid for three days from the date of purchase.

€ 8,00
€ 13,00
€ 8,00

For information and reservations:

Booking online

Tel. +39 0577 286300 email:

Access to the roof of the Cathedral and to all of the sites included in the monumental complex

Access to the roof of the Cathedral and to all of the sites included in the monumental complex

"Opa Si" Pass + The Gate of Heaven gives you access to the roof of the Cathedral in groups of maximum 18 people accompanied by security staff.

In addition to giving you access to the Gate of Heaven, this formula also allows you to complete your tour by visiting all of the other sites included in Siena's monumental Cathedral complex (the Cathedral and Piccolomini Library, the Museo dell'Opera and its Panorama, the Baptistry and the Crypt).

You can purchase your ticket directly at the ticket office. Catherdal roof tours depart every half hour in accordance with the Cathedral's opening hours.

For information and reservations:

Tel. +39 0577 286300 email:


The Acropoli ticket allows you to conduct a complete tour of the upper part of Siena, providing admission both to the Cathedral complex and to Santa Maria della Scala. With Acropoli you enjoy guaranteed access to the most important museums, monuments and views of the city in a tour that will allow you to admire the work of such great masters as Giovanni and Nicola Pisano, Duccio di Buoninsegna, Domenico di Bartolo, Donatello, Jacopo della Quercia, Michelangelo, Pinturicchio, Raphael and Bernini and to enjoy splendid views of the city and the Tuscan countryside.

01/03 – 31/10
26/12 – 06/01
€ 18,00
01/11 – 24/12
07/01 – 28/02
€ 13,00

The tour takes about three hours; tickets are valid three days from date of purchase
The tour of Santa Maria della Scala includes use of the audio-guide (5 languages)

For information and reservations:


Tel. +39 0577 286300 email:


With this pass you can combine a visit to the monuments (Cathedral, Piccolomini Library, Museo dell'Opera, view from the Unfinished Façade, Crypt and Baptistry) with a panoramic tour of the Gate of Heaven and stroll around the dome and the loft area of the Cathedral. Make sure to book at the Ticket Office when purchasing your pass.

01/03 – 17/08
27/10 – 06/01
€ 20,00
18/08 – 26/10
€ 25,00

The tour takes about three and a half hours; tickets are valid three days from date of purchase. Access to the Cathedral's rooftop area must be booked in advance at the ticket office.
The tour of Santa Maria della Scala includes use of the audio-guide (5 languages)

For information and reservations:

Tel. +39 0577 286300 email:


A special ticket exclusively for families.

This special family ticket covers a total of five people (including both adults and children).
Special Tickets

For only € 25.00 , five people can access the Museo dell'Opera and the Panorama from the Unfinished Façade of the New Cathedrall; and for only € 15.00 they can visit the Cathedral and the Piccolomini Library (NB: the family ticket for the Cathedral costs € 25.00 at those times when the marble inlay floor is uncovered).

Also included are special family facilities such as a nursery for changing your baby, a special kids' corner in each of the bookshops and the OPA KIDS Animal Stickers tour, an educational "fun tour" of the Complex that's guaranteed to keep the children interested and entertained.

Tel. +39 0577 286300


Open voucher worth € 15.00 valid for one year offering access to all of the Complex's museum sites.

Special Tickets

This highly original voucher is the perfect surprise gift for someone you really want to astound. Worth € 15.00, it is valid for one year and offers access to all of Siena Cathedral's complex museum sites.

Tel. +39 0577 286300


Document certifying that the holder has completed a pilgrimage to Siena.


The same way the Compostelana and the Testimonium testify to your having completed the pilgrimage to Santiago or to Rome, so the Charta Peregrini Senensis certifies that you have completed your pilgrimage to Siena. It is the only official document proving that you have meditated, step by step, in the footsteps of the Sienese saints and in the places associated with the city's devotion to Mary. Ask for information either when booking or directly at the ticket office.

Download the pilgrim card

Tel. +39 0577 286300

The Cathedral is by definition the house that welcomes the Christian community as it gathers together for liturgical celebrations, thus it is always accessible to the faithful for private prayer via the Porta del Perdono, the Gate of Forgiveness.
Mass Schedule
Weekdays: 9:00 am (Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament) 10:00 am (Madonna del Voto Chapel)
Public Holidays and the eve of Public Holidays 8:00 am, 11:00 am, 12:15 am, 18:00 am (summer 18:30 am)

When the Cathedral's marble inlay floor is uncovered, mass is celebrated in the church of the Santissima Annunziata.
For mass times on solemn occasions or during special events, please consult the news section.

Admission to the monumental Cathedral complex is free for visitors born and/or resident in the municipality of Siena

Guided tours

You may tour Siena Cathedral's museum complex in the company of authorised tour guides. Purchase your guided tour directly at the ticket office.

For information and reservations:

Tel. +39 0577 286300



On account of its complexity embracing fully eight centuries of history (and not just local history either!), Siena Cathedral can become an important stage in an interdisciplinary pathway prompting children and teenagers to become aware of our region and of the most important works of art and architecture that have been created in it down the centuries.

The educational programme offers a series of themes stretching from painting and sculpture to history and to more specific aspects such as the marble inlay floor or the phases in the Cathedral's construction.

For information and reservations:
(Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm)

Tel. +39 0577 286300

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Device: 8" tablet with touch screen, HD resolution and intuitive interface with interactive map. Three pathways to choose from: Cathedral – Museo dell'Opera - All-inclusive "Opa Si" Pass. An aesthetic revolution comprising a video lasting 40 to 60 minutes with over 500 extremely high resolution images. A 3D reconstruction of the areas now lost and an explanation for every single work of art

APP Duomo Nuovo

A journey inside a dream, a journey into the history of a project that was never completed. Download the Duomo Nuovo app to explore the three aisles that were never built and to wonder at the vaults that would have ceiled the new Cathedral, on a virtual tour of what would have been the largest church in the whole of Christendom.

more information
VIÆ - Pathways of Faith:

Viæ is an invitation to follow in the footsteps of history in order to enrich your own experience with the experience of the men and women, of the Christians and saints who have marked the life of the ancient city of Siena, turning it into a splendid testimonial to culture, faith and beauty.
Information: / website:

BASILICA of Santa Maria Assunta of San Gimignano:
Visit the Cathedral of San Gimignano and the city's Museo d'Arte Sacra. An audio-guide (in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Russian) is included in the admission price
Information: / website:
How to get there

The Cathedral lies inside the city's historic centre, thus it cannot be reached directly by car.

If you are coming by car, your best bet is to leave the motorway at the Siena Ovest exit and to head for the Parcheggio Duomo car park, or to leave the motorway at Siena Sud and to head for the Parcheggio Il Campo car park.


The Cathedral may be accessed by a dedicated ramp on the left-hand side of the building.

Regretfully the Museum, Crypt and Baptistry are currently devoid of systems for disabled access.


Shop Museo dell'Opera, Piazza Duomo, 8

Shop Antica Canonica, Interno Cattedrale

Tel. 0577 47980

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